Children's Book Reviews: Imagine Me by Cadine Reid

Imagine Me” is an amazing children’s book, about a little boy called Malachi, realising that there is no limit to his potential and what he can achieve, imagining all that he can be when he grows up.

Through its cheerful and engaging rhymes and verses “Imagine Me” is a book that will incite the imaginations of all its readers.

The Author Cadine Reid, was inspired to write this book after finding that there was not much positive representation in books for young readers like her children, that would build aspiration and inspire them to believe in themselves, therefore she was determined to change this. With this goal at the forefront of her writing, she worked very closely with me during the illustration process, submitting a carefully planned storyboard to ensure that representation was made for people of African and Caribbean heritage like herself and her family. Along with this we used vibrant colours, designed engaging settings and themes that every reader could relate to and identify with. After working hard to try to overcome the lack of diversity in this genre, the author lovingly dedicated this book to her children.

If you are looking for a diverse book filled with colourful illustrations that deals with subjects such as growing up, self-esteem and aspiration in a cheerful and heart-warming way, then look no further. “Imagine Me” stimulates children’s learning through literature, poetry and fiction’. The story is then concluded beautifully with its featured activity and colouring page. The colouring page can be customised by each reader to create their own illustrations and add what they would like to be when they grow older, just like the main character; bringing the story to life. This 5 Star rated book will be a memorable gift that all readers will be encouraged by and will treasure for a lifetime.

Imagine Me can be purchased directly via the Authors website and Amazon
The Author’s contact information and Social Media Handles are:
Facebook: Cadine Reid Author
Instagram: @Cadine_reid
Twitter: Cadine Reid

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