About Gagestudio

 Visualizing your ideas in creative ways

Gagestudio Illustration Indonesia. Hi! welcome to Gagestudio Official Website. Creating illustration and design is our passion, each year we produce 100+ project dedicated to children’s books, corporate branding, fine art, mural design or personal collections. Please take a look our portfolio, and our official shop.

Insightful Gagestudio Blog

10 years in creative business are make us unstoppable  and always learn something new in a way. Read Gagestudio’s articles update. You will find interesting articles in  (bahasa) with various theme : Sharing experience in creative matter, creative education, social media marketing insight, ideas/ concept, graphic design and illustration tutorial, software and tools review, designer hack, etc.

The Gagestudio Teams

Aga Ramadhani, S.Sn

CEO/ Graphic Designer

Multitasking person since 2014. I role so many job in Gagestudio such as digital marketing staff, graphic designer, content creator, and cat nanny. Maybe, if someone ask me to dance, i will do it. LOL *No kidding.

Danang Suyudi, S.Pd


I’m the professional illustrator of Gagestudio, my perfectionist ego are controlling me. I strongly, keep an eye with my work. It must be fresh, attractive, and perfect. Again, i always did a good artwork.

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